Infinity Blade Brings Definitive Action-RPG Gameplay And Unreal-Engining To The iPhone And iPad [video]

Epic Games brings definitive action-RPG gameplay to the Apple mobile platform! We’re seeing a few elements at work here, which we’ll try to take one at a time. First of all, the focus on sword fighting is pretty evident. In the video, you can see a finger slicing across the screen. Based on the speed of the swordplay in the trailer, it looks like the motion will be nearly be one-to-one, which is the sort of accuracy you need for a legit sword fighting title.

The other thing you notice is just how impressive the graphics are. The iPhone has seen great strides in terms of 3D graphics, but this is clearly on another level. Many have already seen how good the Unreal engine looks when running on an iPhone, thanks to the free tech demo, “Epic Citadel,” but the addition of actual gameplay into the mix only makes it look better.

No release date or price info available right now, but we will keep you updated. Stay tuned..

[via Mtv]