Incipio NGP iPhone 5 Case: Meh… [ review ]

These past couple of weeks we have been reviewing a few cases sent to us by Computers Unlimited, on behalf of Incipio.

Today it’s the turn of the NGP ‘impact resistant case’.

The first thing I noticed was that the general design of both the [OVRMLD] and the FAXION is continued with the NGP. Whilst this doesn’t look terrible, it doesn’t do much to visually differentiate between models when shopping.

Once out of the packaging this so-called ‘case’ actually feels more like a skin due to its ‘fluidity’. The NGP is a gel ‘case’ that feels more solid than a normal gel skin, yet retains the pliable nature that hard cases often lack, making the NGP easy to install and remove.

Both the power and volume buttons are protected and there is easy access to the silent switch, charging port, microphone and speaker.

The case/skin is very slim, form-fitting and lightweight – whilst providing very basic protection for a ‘light’ user. However, I get the impression that if I were to drop my iPhone 5 from waist-height whilst using this case, I would soon be making a trip to my local Apple store to fork out $$$ for a replacement.

Unlike the FAXION, scratches are not an issue and the easy removal of the case is certainly something neither of Incipio’s iterations, that we reviewed, offer.

I would not purchase this case if I had a few extra bucks to put towards a stronger unit.

FSM rating: 5/10