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iNav for Winterboard With a Philippines Twist – PinoySoul Download and Install

Do you remember this remix of iNav Theme for iPhone and iPod Touch? It’s the one you all been waiting for. Today Reymond finally send it to me, so i can share it with the world : it’s PinoySoul. .PinoySoul+ is a complete springboard theme for the iPhone. This is a theme mod from iNav theme by Reeco and you can download it from here.


Prior to installation make sure you have already installed CATEGORIES and ofcourse WINTERBOARD (Latest version of both applications recommended).Since this theme is still on its way to Cydia, we need to install it manually. But before that:

-Open Categories.
-Tap on “Add”.
-Name it “Apps” (without the quotes).
Then tap on any icon you like (it wouldn’t matter).
-Now add another 2 folders(Games & Toys) so that
it would look like this:

Apps (0)
Games (0)
Toys (0)

-Tap & Add on each folder to categorize
your existing springboard applications.
-Make sure to include everything EXCEPT for:

MobileSMS or MySMS
& some icons with a question mark(?).

-Don’t forget to hit “Done” when everythin is set.
-Now there should only be 10 icons left in your springboard,
namely the applications mentioned above.


-You will be needing 93 or more blank icons for this to work.
Go to Cydia and install “ 94pack”
This package will install 94 invisible/blank icons into the springboard.
-Now arrange your application/folder icons (e.g.Apps) with the blank icons
as follows:

*Each springboard page must have atleast 10 blank icons
plus a single application/folder icon.
*The application/folder must be placed in the middle right side.
*This theme (PinoySoul+) occupies all the pages in the springboard
and it should be placed like this:

Apps | Phone | Txt/MySMS | Mail | Safari | iPod | Photos | Games | Toys

*The Settings/Preference icon must be in the dock with
3 blank icons. Like this:

Settings | blank | blank | blank


-SSH to your iPhone and copy the PinoySoul+.theme folder to Library/Theme
-Open Winterboard and activate PinoySoul+
-After the springboard restarts you should now see a whole new look of of your iPhone.
-Open “Apps”, tap on the “i” on the bottom right corner and then set the setting like this:

Folder Title————-OFF
Icon Labels————–ON
Use background.png——-ON
Left/Right Scroll——–ON
Keep Resident————OFF
Rows(L/R Scroll Only)—-4
Icons Theme————–(As you prefer)

-Follow the same settings for “Games” and “Toys” folder.

That’s it! Your done.

By the way, there are two versions in this release: PinoySOul & PinoySoul+ .Both should look similar,however in PinoySoul+ i added a button on each icon to perfectly hit it when tapped.But both can be installed for an added option.