The iMac MacHook

Prime desk top real estate is hard to come by. Machook elevates one of your most used accessories (headphones) away from the clutter. Introducing the MacHook.

Machook Adheres to the top of your iMac with nano-suction technology. Not your ordinary adhesive, in fact it’s not an adhesive at all. Microscopic craters on the strip create a strong bond with any smooth surface, but remain easily removable and re-positionable and won’t leave a sticky residue behind.

Made in the USA from Baltic Birch, sealed with an all natural wax finish.

Avoid removing and re-sticking too many times. Nano-suction pad will lose some sticking power after multiple uses when it gets dirty. Clean nano-suction pad with ordinary tape to refresh sticking power. Simply stick a strip of tape over the pad and then peel away to clean.

Machook fits 2009 – 2011 model iMacs. It will also fit older model iMacs, but there will be a slight gap at the top corner. Machook also fits The new Thunderbolt displays as well!

The MacHook is available for $15 at Workerman…