Miveu iPhone POV System [video]

Thanks to Miveu’s upcoming unit that turns your iPhone 4S into a POV cam, you can capture sweet digital videos of all your exploits without being one of those guys with a little video camera suction-cupped to his helmet.

The heart of the MiVeu iPhone POV system is the custom designed optical glass lens. MiVeu’s optics extend the viewing angle of the iPhone to record video from an amazing perspective that would otherwise slip away. The lens attaches to the iPhone with a custom ruggedized case, which incorporates a simple tactile shutter button allowing easy operation even while wearing thick ski gloves.

The body mounting harness is far more than a single purpose solution. Mount the MiVeu to your chest when skateboarding or racing BMX and Motocross. Mount the MiVeu to your leg when snowboarding. Mount the MiVeu to your lower torso when snow skiing. The limit is only what your imagination can dream up.

In addition to the harness, MiVeu includes a universal bracket mounting system allowing you to zip tie connect to a ski pole, a roll bar, or the suspension of your dirt bike or race car. Permanently attach the MiVeu bracket with a simple screw so you can dock an iPhone with or without the camera system. Effortless attachments have never been more convenient.