iFixit iPhone 4/4S Transparent Rear Panel + Bonus Kit On Sale

Even though Cyber Monday is over, there’s still one deal around that you can’t miss. iFixit offers a limited supply of iGoods for almost half the price. These items normally sell for over $50, but today they’re offering the entire package for only $29.95. Supplies are limited and once they run out of packages, they’ll continue selling the back panel for $29.95

What you’ll get:

  • iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Glass Panel – make your phone awesome
  • Liberation Kit – the tools you need to get rid of those pesky pentalobe screws
  • Thirsty Bag – the best way to dry your phone after an unexpected swim
  • Screen protector – keep your screen pristine and beautiful

If you want to check out a ‘real-life’ look of the iPhone 4 with a transparent rear panel, and also instructions on how to replace your iPhone’s rear panel, check out our post here.

You can buy the entire package for $29.95 at the official webstore…