iCEO: Steve Jobs Limited Edition Plush Doll by Throwboy [video]

Houseware maker Throwboy presents an interest proposition to the Apple masses – the Steve Jobs Limited Edition Plush Doll. Throwboy and its founder, Roberto Hoyos, were quite careful not to categorize the doll as “Steve Jobs” for the fear of future legal ramification. The 15-inch tall doll’s similarities are quite obvious thanks to details like the 100% cotton black turtleneck, real denim pants, and removable rimless glasses.

And unlike the in icons Steve Jobs action figure last year, which many saw as exploitative to late Apple CEO’s fame, Hoyos made it clear on a YouTube video today that 10% of the profit from sales will be going to the American Cancer Society. Limited to a production run of 1,200, the doll is set for release in August 2012 with a retail price of $60 each. It is also available for pre-order now on Throwboy online store.