iCarbons Week WrapUp… and Giveaway Winners Announcement!

Its been a great week of reviews. I think you can agree that when it comes to protecting your iDevice in a very minimalistic way, you cant beat iCarbons. I could go on and on but at this point I know that all you really care about is who won the iCarbons awsomeness. So without further adue, here is the list of winners. Please send an email to duluen[at]funkyspacemonkey[dot]com with your address, so that we can get your item shipped out to you.

Head over the jump, to check out who won…

The “Woody” iPad cover goes to:

  • Simon Loiselle

The BLACK iPhone cover goes to:

  • Peter Lowe

The White iPhone cover goes to:

  • Daniel Crawford

The “Woody” aTV cover goes to:

  • Jay Shen

The White aTV cover goes to:

  • Lukas Hirschrogel

Last but not least, the PSP Go covers go to:

  • Cooper Miller
  • Patrick Ladouceur

Congratulations to the winners!