iCade: Atari Teams Up With ThinkGeek To Create A Retro Arcade Gaming Experience On The iPad [video]

Back in April, we showed you the best April Fools day prank ever: the iCade Game Cabinet, which even if it was a prop it was on sale for $150. Well this year’s CES bring the iCade to life.

Oddly enough, even though the fake iCade retailed for $150 on ThinkGeek, the real iCade will undercut that by $50, despite knowing in advance that thousands of people would gladly pay such a price point. But $100 is all you’ll need to plunk down at Ion Audio or ThinkGeek (yes, the site will be selling an exclusive ICade that looks like the April Fools’ version) if you want to relive some ’80s gaming glory days on your iPad.

[via wired]