iBluetooth:iPhone Became a Bluetooth Cell Phone(+ iBluetooth Crack )

iBluetooth : Worlds first application that enables the file transfer via Bluetooth on your iPhone. So , yes that means that the iPhone can now go party with all the other bluetooth cell phones.It’s about damn time. And i won’t miss the opportunity to say it once again : Shame on you Apple.

As you know this is not a Apple release ( of course ), and you can find it starting today in Cydia under the iSpazio repo. iBluetooth got image support is built in, and the file viewer allow you to send ANY file on the device. Music can already be sent by selecting an MP3/wav/aiff file from the file system. However, i’ll include a music library to send ipod syncronized songs directly in the near future.

I know you didnt expect this, but iBluetooth it’s NOT free . It costs 3.99 € which is about $5. To be honest i expected this one to be free, and to find donation requests for all the hard work. But i totally agree with the dev. Here’s MeDevil’s answer to “why is it not free” :

Mainly, because apple didn’t want to include a full bluetooth stack to be used by the developers. Implementing a complete and stable stack (with all the bluetooth profiles) is nearly impossible for me in a short time, so i’ve considered the idea of buying a complete (and well-tested) stack. Now, there are only 3 stack that supports almost all bluetooth profiles: BlueMagic, BCHS, ClarinoxBlue and, of course, all of these are VERY EXPENSIVE.
So, i’ve decided to make you pay* this application, so i can buy one of those stack for ALL the community and implement a background daemon that will provide a full-featured stack for ANY developer out there.

As you can read in the title there is a crack available and you will find it on FSMdotCOM. HOWEVER , THAT DOESEN’T MEAN THAT YOU DONT NEED TO BUY THE APP.

And if i can’t convince you to buy the app if it suits you ( because thats why FSMdotCOM provides cracks, so you can try certain apps, and than buy them ) , than maybe MedEvil might convince you :

Please, understand that the “free way” is not the right way. If you want this application “for free” then take the “a cracked version”, but you’re essentially removing yourself the possibility to have more features, such as: A2DP (Audio stereo), Serial Port (needed for bluetooth gps), DUN & LAP (internet navigation), implemented in a small time and used by all of the developer out there: think at xgps developers adding support for bluetooth gps devices or other free developers adding bluetooth functionality to native apps like contacts, photos… or any other infinite idea that developer can have!
And, yes, writing a complete stack is always possible, but how much do you think it will take? Look, i’ve spent 3 month only for the obex part… and that’s a small part: it’s just one (ONE) profile out of 27!

HOW TO CRACK iBluetooth

  • Download file from rapidshare
  • Extract and replace the original with the rapidshare file
  • Set 0777 to iBluetooth_


iClarified has an indepth tutorial on how to install , set up and use iBluetooth. Please read the article here