2G iPod Touch – Now Fully Jailbroken

MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev has announced the 24kpwn LLB patch aka an untethered jailbreak for the 2G iPod Touch. You can download the packagehere : phwn.org/24kpwn.zip .Just drop it into your existing pwnagetool or xpwn flow. You can even combine it with the nor-only variations to make this easy to install from iTunes without touching your main fs.
The patch needs to be applied directly to the LLB without decrypting it first, using “bspatch” or equivalent. The resulting img3 should have this sha1:
SHA1(LLB.n72ap.RELEASE.img3)= 82734c7cdf945ba5421b83962aab3ab91e4fb23a