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Hypnotix: A Linux IPTV Streaming App With Support for Live TV, Movies and Series

a Linux IPTV streaming application with support for live TV, movies and series


Hypnotix is an IPTV streaming app, developed by the Linux Mint team ( will be integrated with Linux Mint 20.1 ), with support for live TV, movies and series. It comes with support for M3U URLs, Xtream API or local M3U playlists.

By default Hypnotix comes preconfigured to use FreeIPTV which contains over 2,000 TV channels, from around the world, that are free to watch.


Hypnotix’s GUI is pretty self explanatory. So let’s take a look at the options/configurations…


Hitting Ctrl+K will show you the available keyboard shortcuts. There’s only one keyboard shortcut ( well two ):  F or F11 to toggle full screen.

On the top right of the window you can see two icons. One that looks like a monitor/tv which allows you to add or edit providers. The second one that looks like a settings gear allows you to tweak your playback and network settings.


However, here’s the first issue ( and seemingly the only one ) I’ve encountered with Hypnotix: You can add providers but you can’t edit or delete the existing providers. A minor issue because 1. it’s a beta release afterall and 2. you can manually edit/delete providers.

Hypnotix places its files in ~/.hypnotix/providers/. From there you can delete providers ( or cached channel icons ) or use your preffered text editor to edit existing providers.


You should keep in mind that your viewing experience will depend on your internet speed and channels’ servers. Also, some TV channels will not work even if they’re listed. However I’m not sure this is an issue with Hypnotix but rather with the channels’ servers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Hypnotix is still in its beta phase of development. As of right now Hypnotix is just a simple content browser and player. But the Linux Mint team plans to add more features in the (near) future:

  • EPG support (Live TV Program)
  • PVR (pausing, time-shifting, recording…etc)
  • Custom categories
  • Favorites
  • Hiding unused content



  • Debian/Ubuntu ( and derivates ) – download and install from DEB file.
  • Arch ( and derivates ) – Hypnotix is available in the official repos and AUR

To learn more about Hypnotix and keep up with the development, check out the Linux Mint blog.


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