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HowTo: Get Video Playback and Video Editing on iPhone 2G/3G

About 2 months ago, FSMdotCOM showed you HowTo: Activate Video Camera W/ Trimming in iPhone 2G/3G . Sadly it wasnt what you all expected. You had to upload the video manually via SSH, and it only let you to trim the video.

How about a tweak , that will let you record videos with Cycorder or iPhoneVideoRecorderfor3G, save the videos in camera roll, and get playback and also trim the video? That would be awesome right?

Well there is such a thing, and i know about it for quite some time. The only reason i didnt told you guys about it, is that i cant make it work. A few people reported the same problem as mine but for most of all this tweak works. I decided to tell you guys about this today, because i found a video of the tweak in action. Let’s just watch the video to see what you can expect, and than i will tell you how to get this tweak.

Decent right? Well let’s see how can you get this :

1. make sure you have SBSettings ( via Cydia ) installed

2. download this file

3. if the file is zipped, unzip it on your computer

4. copy the files inside the .zip file you downloaded on your iPhone: /private/var/tmp/

5. open terminal or from cydia and:

  • su root
  • alpine
  • bash /private/var/tmp/VideoToggle/install
  • wait for your iPhone to respring

Now you should have a new toggel installed in SBSettings. If it’s not there, tap on “more” and make sure it’s turned ON. Now all you have to do is to record a video with Cycorder and (maybe) iPhone VIdeo Recorder for 3G, and the video will be saved on camera roll.

When the new toggle is turned ON, you will be able to go to your camera roll , see the movies you recorded and play them and also trim them. Also, if the toggle is ON, you wont be able to use the photo camera. Turn it OFF, and you’ll get your camera back.

NOTE1: i cant get the toggle in SBSettings even if its turned ON. Thats the reason i didnt tell you guys about it before. If somebody figure this one out, please let me know. Finally i got it to make it work thanx to Chris. Seems i didnt have the right files. Chris sent me the right files, installed and now everything works. You can download them from above…. Enjoy and thanx Chris 🙂

NOTE2: a few people reported that this tweak fucked up their . Long story short: Use it at your own risk.

ATTENTION: toggle now available in Cydia for easy install. Check it out here