HowTo: Activate Video Camera W/ Trimming in iPhone 2G/3G

If you remember , i told you guys that im sure that somebody will port the video camera to the 3G as well. Well somebody did, and its the amazing guys at iSpazio. So all credits goes to them, just to be clear. They found out that they can port the function that was only available to the 3Gs by now, to the 3G and 2G.

At this time, the mod is successful , meaning that it will enable the video camera and you can trim and use it as you should, but you cant take pictures anymore. If i understand correctly ( because my italian sucks , scusate bella Italia ) , they are trying to fix, so you can take pictures as well as shoot video.

What do you need?

  1. Jailbroken iPhone 2G/3G running OS 3.0
  2. SSH client ( yes you need to SSH )


  1. M68AP.plist

How to do it?

  1. Download the .plist file to your desktop and than connect your iPhone and SSH to /System/Library/CoreServices/
  2. Backup the original M68AP.plist file in your iPhone and then copy the one you just downloaded. NOTE: you can backup the file by renaming the original (something like M68AP.bkp ) and leave it on your iPhone, or just copy it somewhere on your computer (make sure you wont overwrite the one you downloaded ). Next you copy the one you downloaded into your iPhone, and if it asks you to overwrite, just do it.
  3. Copy a video (MOV format) in cameraroll. You can download this for example: IMG_0011.MOV and put it in / var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE
  4. Now respring your iPhone.
  5. Start the camera and click the button at the bottom left to open CameraRoll. You’ll notice a new subdivision in “All Photos and Videos” and you can start the movie that you have previously uploaded.
  6. Now you can select the area you are interested in and trim the movie.

NOTE: To re-enable the camera, you need to restore the original file M68AP.plist

NOTE 2: just to be clear. YOU CAN NOT RECORD at the moment. This is just a preview, and it’s in the works. You can now just upload your own videos , trim the videos and upload to youtube and send them as MMS ( not tested with youtube, seems to work with MMS )