HowTo: Save Cycorder, Videorecorder3G or YouTube Videos in, Playback and Send Them Via Email. ( iPhone EDGE/3G )

VideoMover is a SBSettings toggle that, when enabled, will automatically rename and move every video shot with Cycorder, Videorecorder3G or downloaded from YouTube to your iPhone’s so you can playback and/or copy-paste them into your email and send them away. You cant trim the movie using this toggle, but right now you really cant complain about this feature. Maybe, just maybe, the toggle will be updated and we will get this feature in the future. Works like a charm on iPhone 3G, but I’m not sure if it works on EDGE. However, if you own an iPhone EDGE , you shouldn’t have any problems …

NOTE: ONLY for iPhone Firmware 3.1

What do you need:

  • jailbroken iPhone
  • SBSettings ( via Cydia )
  • MobileTerminal ( via Cydia )
  • SSH client ( Cyberduck for Mac and WinSCP for Windows )

How to do it:

  1. Download VideoMover and unpack it
  2. SSH into your iPhone and copy the entire VideoMover folder into /tmp/
  3. Load MobileTerminal on your iPhone and type:
    • su root
    • alpine ( if you changed your default password, type your password )
    • bash /tmp/VideoMover/install
  4. Respring iPhone

Now you will get a new toggle in SBSetting that when activated will auto rename and move any videos Cycorder, Videorecorder3G or downloaded from YouTube to your iPhone’s When the toggle is on, you will see new elements inside your photo roll. They will be displayed as black blocks, and will not have a thumbnail like the pictures.

Now , if you want to send a video via email, all you need to do is to tap a video and copy it. Load mail, and paste it into a new email. Thats it, enjoy…

[ thx Fabrizio via spaziocellulare]