HowTo: Remove Update Badge From Cydia Icon

This can be so annoying some time. Especially if you’re a cheap bastard and you’re using a cracked version of a certain app, and the devs update the application. You will get that badge on the upper right corner of Cydia that you got x new update(s) waiting for you.

Or maybe you are not a cheap bastard, but you just don’t want to get some apps update from god knows what reasons. So what will you do? Get stuck with that upgrade badge till you finally cant stand it anymore and decide to upgrade it?Not really…

One thing you can do is get AppFlow from Cydia and pretty much take care of the problem, and ditch the body to the first pig farm on your way home ( seen Snatch? than, you know what im talking about 😛 ). Unfortunately Cydia currently doesn’t support this well… but hey at least i am going to show you how to do it, because Cydia is not the only one that has notification badges right?


  • install AppFlow from Cydia and lunch it
  • click on the app with the annoying badge in appflow
  • click badge it
  • leave the text box blank and click ok/yes/ save or whatever it says there

Like i said above, this method wont play nice with Cydia, and Cydia or AppFlow might go home crying. But you can still do something about it. SSH into your device , open the terminal and type echo cycorder hold | dpkg –set-selections. Cycorder is an example app, you’ll need to use the package id of the your app.

NOTE 1: It may still show up under Upgraded Packages, but will not get upgraded by an Upgrade All. A future Cydia will handle this better, as well as let you control this in the UI.

NOTE 2: didnt fully test this , so i am not 100% sure it will work. I would love to hear your thought.