How Much Money A Free iPhone App Developer Can Make?

Have you ever wondered how much money a free iPhone app can make you? I mean , if you think about it, maybe at first you do it because your passionate , but than it really should get you some material satisfaction right? Because, last time i checked passion dont pay bills, unless you realize that you can really turn your passion into income….

Another question for you guys: do you know what AdWhirl is? Pretty much if you are not a developer, you don’t. Maybe you saw the name around the web somewhere, but didnt pay too much attention. Well AdWhirl is a Mobile Advertising platform, which pretty much makes iPhone app developers RIC$$.

The AdWhirl report, embedded below, says that applications that crack the top 100 in the Free Apps list make $400-$5000 a day – a wide range to be sure, but even at the low end that works out to around $12,000 a month. Among these top apps, AdWhirl is reporting an impressive $1.90 eCPM and 2.6% CTR. And while applications that do reach the peak position in the App Store eventually lose steam, revenue tends to remain consistent over time after the initial dip (see the graph below). Of course, making it to the top of the Free Apps list is easier said than done, and most developers make far less than $400 a day. But the same is true of the vast majority of paid applications too – in fact, there’s actually less competition on the Free side of the store.