HowTo: Fix WiFi, GPS and YouTube Problmes After Unlocking With BlackSn0w

Finally we have an unlock for iPhone baseband 05.11.07. GeoHot released Blackra1n RC3 with BlackSn0w. The process of jailbreaking the iDevice is the same as it was before. However, the process of unlocking the iDevices is different on the iPhone 2G. Read all about it here.

Since Blackra1n and BlackSn0w is out, our email inbox was full of messages from you guys. All of you either had problems with the WiFi or GPS or YouTube ( or all of them at once ) after unlocking the iPhone with BlackSn0w.

There is an easy fix for all of this. All you have to do is to go to Settings>General>Reset> and hit Reset Network Settings. After reseting the network settings, you need to do a hard reboot. Hold down the home button and the sleep/power button , and then slide the on-screen power toggle

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