HowTo: Enable Internet Tethering On iPhone 3G/3Gs Running Firmware 3.1.2

iPhone OS 3.1 came with a full bag of new features but killed non-authorized tethering. Now tethering is back….

iPhone OS 3.1 came with a bundle of new features and everybody was happy about it. But all of those features, didn’t really matter when people realized the new OS killed unauthorized data tethering on AT&T. Well , tethering is back…

Firs you will need to jailbreak your iDevice with Blackrain and unlock it with BlackSn0w . Once the unlocking process is complete, load MobileSafari and navigate to this address: .

Hit the “Install” button in the upper right. Confirm the resulting prompt, alerting you that the file has not been signed. Allow the IPCC file to install, which will take about 10 seconds.

Close MobileSafari and perform a hard reboot ( hold down the home button and the sleep/power button , and then slide the on-screen power toggle ). This reboot, make take longer then usual….

After rebooting your iPhone, go to Settings>General>Network>Internet Tethering and turn Tethering ON. Congrats you did it. Enjoy…