HowTo: Enable The Hidden Field Test App. Using Categories

Ever noticed, when browsing thru the root files of your device, an app called Field Test? What is that exactly? Its an App that provides detailed reporting on strengths and characteristics of the cell towers in your area, plus a load of other nerdy networky factoids. In other words, you can see things that AT&T might not want you to see.

(i’m not sure of other networks)You can enter this “mode” by dialing *3001#12345#, but what if you can’t remember that number or forgot to save it to your contacts? Easy, you have categories, right? No? Well head on over to Cydia and get it. Now just add a new folder and then add the app. You can even add the Nike app if you just want to see what the interface looks like. None of this stuff means much to laymen, but its there, so why not check it out?

A little disclaimer: Although it seems that most of the information is read-only (so you can’t change anything), field modes like this have the potential to damage your phone and possibly interfere with the phone network. We are providing this information as-is; we cannot be held responsible if anything you do in this field mode damages your phone or the phone network.Use at your own risk.