HowTo: Downgrade From iPhone OS 3.0 to 2.2.1

  • open itunes
  • get iphone in DFU mode
  • select restore iphone (using the original 2.2.1 firmware, not the custom one “this way you wont get error 1600 from itune”)
  • let iphone do the restart process until you get ERROR 1013
  • close itunes
  • open quickpwn. you will get a message saying to hold power and home for 15 seconds. do it exactly like that hold the power and home for 15 secs.
  • turn on iphone by holding power button for 2 secs
  • open itunes and BINGO iphone is recognize and activated
  • go back to quickpwn. and go with the normal process and voila…


  • If you’re getting “error 21” during the process, you’re probably a lazy mofo and didnt read the instruction. Reinstall iPhone OS 3.0 and follow the instructions above
  • For any other problems, make sure you’re checking the comments. Probably there will be a couple, reporting problems and hopefully a couple that will fix those problems