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HowTo: Disable iTunes BackUp With One Click [Mac]

In the last couple of day, you could read on FSMdotCOM that you shouldn’t restore your iPhone from the iTunes backup after a fresh restore (does it make sense?!?!? ) , and you should always set your device as a “New Phone” after restoring. That’s the case, of course, if you use a jailbroken device.

FSMdotCOM, also showed you how to manually backup every single thing from your iPhone, so you wont loose any precious data. But, if this is the case, and it is not recommended to restore the device from the iTunes backup, what’s the point of backing the device anyway?

You are right, it just take precious time of your life. And if you didnt sync your device for a week or so, and you had some major stuff happening on the iPhone that week, iTunes auto-backup will be bitch.

So why dont we disable it? Just as the title says, you only need one click to disable it, and one click to re-enable it. For that you will need an application called DisableBackup that is free and you can download here .

How to use DisableBackup:

Just download the app, load it and click on the big ass button in the middle of the app that says “Disable Backup”. If you want to re-enable it, load the app again, and click on “Enable Backup”.

Unfortunately this app is not cross platform, and it just works on Macs. If you know of a similar software for Windows ( and maybe Linux?!?! ) let us know in the comments .