HOW TO: Trim Your SIM to Fit iPhone 5’s Nano SIM Tray

here’s a how to guide for transforming your current SIM into a nano SIM to fit iPhone 5’s SIM tray

If you plan to upgrade to the iPhone 5, you should probably know that your current SIM won’t fit. Your carrier will upgrade you to a nano SIM, but only if you don’t buy the new iPhone off contract or factory unlocked. IF your carrier stocks the iPhone 5 then, they SHOULD also stock the nano SIM. And you can simply go and tell them you lost your SIM and need a new one, but you guess what? Now you need a nano SIM.

If, however, you want to ‘do it yourself’ we got a guide that will walk you through the process of cutting your current SIM into a nano SIM.

Jump over the break to check out the guide…

You can also download the guide in .pdf format here…

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