Robbers Crash SUV Into Apple Store To Steal iPhone and iPads [video]

A group of robbers were caught on video stealing iPads and iPhones from an Apple store in Temecula, California.Equonne Howard, the driver of the robbery, underestimated the strength of Apple’s security gate which didn’t allow the break-in to go as smoothly as planned.

From the below video you can see that Howard crashed into the Apple store to give the passengers access to grab as many iPads and iPhones as possible.

Entry went great for the perpetrators but the exit was rough,after several attempts Howard was able to overcome the restraints of the security gate but destroyed two tires in the process.

The SUV used for the break-in was found blocks away and deputies arrested Howard when he returned to the car to fix one of the flats. Howard racked up car repairs and lawyer fees in his blooper-filled robbery.