HOW TO: Shoot Vertical Panorama Photos on iPhone

With iOS 6, Apple has finally added panorama mode to the default The camera app’s newest feature takes clean, easy panoramic shots, and iPhone 4S and 5 owners can take advantage of it. However, most people are using this feature by holding the phone in portrait mode , the way Apple advertises it. The end result, if you got skills, is a beautiful landscape panorama picture.

But did you know that you can also shoot portrait panoramas perfect for tall trees, buildings or anything else that is taller than the standard range provides? Jump over the break to check out how to do it…

To shoot a vertical panoramic picture, all you need to do is open Panorama as usual, then rotate the iPhone sideways:

  • Open Camera, then tap “Options” and select “Panorama”
  • Once in Panorama, simply rotate iPhone into horizontal orientation
  • Shoot the panorama photo as usual, tapping “Done” when complete

Panorama is smart enough to save the resulting vertical shot into the proper vertical orientation, so you won’t need to rotate the image after the fact.