HOW TO: Redeem Gift Cards Using Your Camera In iTunes 11

It’s safe to say that there have not been many more anticipated software releases in recent memory then iTunes 11. Available in October… Then pushed back to November. Some even speculated that it would be pushed back again if it came out at all! Well all the neigh-sayers were cast aside today as iTunes 11made its debut.  Whats our first impression? To sum it up in a word… WOW.

Aside from its brand new design, which by the way makes way more sense, one of the coolest features is being able to use your camera to scan gift cards. Thats right, no more typing the codes manually, you just scan it.

Jump over the break to check out how to do it….

1. Load iTunes 11

2. Chances are you’re album view. Click on ‘iTunes Store’

3. Click ‘Redeem’

4. Click ‘Use Camera’

5. Scan your gift card

6. Buy lots of stuff

NOTE: this will most probably won’t work if you don’t have an integrated camera