HideMe7 Is A One-Stop-Shop for Hiding iOS 7’s UI Elements


HideMe7 is a one-stop-shop for hiding UI elements without the need to have half a dozen different tweaks installed. HideMe7 comes with a new preference panel which makes it easy to quickly disable/re-enable many different UI elements which you may or may not find annoying.

Current included features include:


  • Camera Grabber
  • Control Center Grabber
  • Date
  • Notification Center
  • Notification Center Grabber
  • Percent Charged Text


  • Icon Badges
  • Icon Labels
  • Icon Labels Except Folders
  • Dock Background
  • Page Dots

Status Bar

  • Airplane Mode
  • Battery Icon
  • Bluetooth Batter Icon
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Battery Percent
  • Location Services
  • Bluetooth
  • Carrier
  • No Service/Searching
  • Data Networks
  • Clock
  • Double Height
  • Signal Bars

Control Center

  • Airplay Section
  • Brightness Section
  • Media Control Section
  • Quick Launch Section
  • Separator Lines
  • Settings Section

Messages – Bubble Tails

  • Recipient Title In Convo
  • Message Type
  • More Messages To Load
  • Progress Indicator
  • Center Timestamp

HideMe7 is available for $0.99 on Cydia via BigBoss repo