HOW TO: Use Hidden iCloud Feature In Lion To Sync Any File Types Across Macs

While Apple advertises iCloud’s ‘Documents in the Cloud’ service as a way of keeping iWork files in sync across devices, its been discovered that Mac OS X Lion users can also leverage the service to sync all types of files across multiple Macs.

Hidden in the ~/Library of Macs running Mac OS X 10.7 is a Mobile Documents folder that Apple users to sync iWork files between multiple devices registered to the same iCloud account. However, Macworld discovered that the feature is not limited to iWork documents — any file can be placed in the folder and will be synced to the same folder on every Mac connected to the same iCloud account with Documents & Data syncing activated.

Step 1: Enable iCloud “Documents and Data” syncing.

Step 2: Navigate to ~/Library/ in your Home folder.


Step 3: Find folder “Mobile Documents.”

Step 4: Make folder alias or drag and drop “Mobile Documents” to sidebar or dock. 



Step 5: You should now be able to drag and drop files into “Mobile Documents” and sync with all Macs associated with your iCloud account.