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HapticPro for iPhone OS 3.0

Haptic Pro is something i really missed when i moved to 3.0. At first when i start using the app i was sceptic and didnt really know if its a good thing to send repeated non regular small impulses to the iPhones vibrator thingy ( love the term, soooo technical ) , but using it i started to really love it.

Now it was ported to 3.0 ( dont know exactly if its official or not ) and im not really impressed. Why? Some people experience huge slowdowns using the phone ( especially when they are typing an SMS, and the haptic feedback its not quite as realistic as it was in the previous FW.

You probably can get it to work as you want to , if you play around with the advanced settings. Just go to Settings> HapticPro>  Advanced Settings> scroll down to the duration sliders. Play around with the sliders until you get the effect you want , or at least one real close to the one you want to. NOTE: those are not the correct settings. I was just playing around.

How to get and install HapticPro for iPhone OS 3.0 :

First thing you need to do is to download the .deb file. Than SSH into your iPhone ( Mac or Windows ), and put the .deb file into /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall .Now just restart your iPhone and you’re good to go. IF nothing happens you should restart AND respring your iPhone.