GV Mobile: Native Google Voice App For iPhone and iTouch

New day, new app in Cydia: GV Mobile. As you might know, Google released Google Voice not too long ago, and Apple already created a big deal out of it, by banning everything related to this service from the AppStore. Nice favoritism and monopoly practice there Apple. How did a company that was laughing at the status quo became the status quo?

Before i start talking about GV Mobile , let’s talk a little bit about Google Voice for those of you whom are not familiar with the service.Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral) is a free Google-owned Internet service that uses voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to link customers’ phone numbers together. GrandCentral was relaunched as Google Voice on March 11, 2009 with new features, including voicemail transcriptions and SMS managing. Since early March, Google has been in the process of transitioning current GrandCentral accounts to Google Voice. Google originally announced that the service would start accepting new members “within weeks” of the announcing the service. Please note that Google Voice is only available for sign up in the US.

Right now, it’s only going to be open to people who were grand central members.It will open to the public “soon” though.You can put your email here and they’ll email you when it’s open to the public.If you had a GrandCentral account before, they’ll notify you when you can jump on GoogleVoice.

From the google blog:

If you’re already using GrandCentral, over the next couple days, you will receive instructions in your GrandCentral inbox on how to start using Google Voice.

Now what can GV Mobile do for you? GV Mobile brings the power of Google Voice to your iPhone although it’s not a Google product. GV Mobile allows users of Google Voice to:

  • Dial Numvers via the iPhone addressbook or typing on the keypad
  • Full SMS support ( view history, reply, send new )
  • Retrieve and delete recent call history
  • Playback and delete voicemails
  • Take calls from different phones other than your iPhone
  • Enable/Disable the phones that Google Voice forwards calls to
  • Add/Delete phones that Google Voice forwards calls to