iRippah: Rip iTunes TOP 100 Songs Off From Your iPhone

First of all i want to say that whoever wrote/did this, please contact me so i can give you props on this ( i got it as an anonymous email ) and this is no different from the apps, meaning that if you like a song , buy it. So basically this dude ( probably the one who sent me the email ) found a way to rip iTunes’ Top 100 Songs off right away from an iphone having curl, wget, and sed installed. Then I’ve written a small utility to turn this vulnerability into a rapid & nifty hack .

The utility which makes this possible is called iRippah and when it is executed from the Terminal, it will download a random Top 100 Song into the /var/root/Media/Top100Songs directory and give the particular song a name followed by “$ArtistName – $SongName.mp3“.

The drawback of iRippah is that you can’t directly download your favourite song at the first time because songs are streamed randomly and what you need to do is to execute iRippah for several(>100) times.


First download irippah_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb from here. Move the deb file over to /var/root directory.And then write these commands into your Terminal:

dpkg -i /var/root/irippah_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
num=1; while [ $num -le 250 ];do echo “rand song $num”; irippah; num=$(expr $num + 1); sleep 1; done

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