[GIVEAWAY] iCarbons For iPhone 5: Beauty Is Great When It’s Skin Deep

When I got my black & slate iPhone 5 on release day, I was amazed at how beautiful it really was, the pictures I had already seen simply didn’t do it full justice.

As time wears on though most of us like to freshen up the look and feel of the beloved devices we use many times a day. One such way is through an already well-established company, iCarbons.

From woodgrain to carbon fibre and brushed aluminum effects, these premium Di-Noc 3M skins are available for various devices, in multiple colors, styles and textures.

For me, application was a simple process that took no more than one minute. The tiny grooves on the adhesive side channel air out from underneath, ensuring that there are no annoying air bubbles. When it comes to removing the rear skin, there could be a problem if you aren’t careful.

It seems that the adhesive has a firmer hold when in contact with the new anodized aluminum on the iPhone 5. The removal has to be slow and consistent, otherwise you risk stretching the skin, making it unusable. Removal isn’t a problem for the glass sections and I can’t foresee any reason why you should feel the need to remove the skins – they are stunning after all.

Overall these skins from iCarbons are a most welcome customization option to the iPhone 5. They improve how it looks whilst keeping the slim and light profile, give a sense of personality and protect against the dreaded scratches that we all hate.

FSM Rating: 9.5/10

The good news is that we got two Special Edition Two-Tone iCarbons for iPhone 5 to giveaway: Aluminum/White and Titanium/Black


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3. Contest starts today October 26, 2012 and ends on Saturday October 27, 2012. The winners will be announced Saturday October 27, 2012.