GIVEAWAY: Daniel Young Skateboarding Hawaii KOA Veneers For iPhone 5

I love the look of my iPhone 5, as I did with all my purchases of previous iterations from Apple. One thing I have come to appreciate though is the fact that there is always scope for improvement or personalization – be it through installing a theme, rocking a case or applying a skin.

In terms of skins Daniel Young Skateboards Hawaii now offer a great skin for the rear of your iPhone 5.

This skin is made from real KOA wood only found in Hawaii and there are a few laser-engraved designs available. The first thing I noticed when I opened the packaging was the stunning smell of the wood, it was almost overpowering. Almost.

The skin itself is a beautiful thing to behold and feels wonderfully smooth. It is amazingly thin yet fantastically strong. The adhesive on the rear leaves no residue at all and is very strong also.

All in all this is a perfect complement to your new iPhone. The only issues I can think of are that there are no options for custom designs, current designs are limited and there aren’t any skins for the front of the iPhone.

FSM rating: 8/10

The veneers sell for $18 at the official website. The good new is that we got two extra veneers to giveaway: the ‘Don Juan Mustache’ and the ‘Plumeria’.


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1. Steps above are mandatory! Yes, BOTH of them…

2. This veneers can ONLY be shipped to: US, Canada, UK and Europe

3. Contest starts today October 15, 2012 and ends on Wednesday October 17, 2012. The winner will be announced Thursday October 18, 2012.