HOW TO: Get Earth View With Real Time Night and Day And City Lights In OS X Mavericks’ Maps App



OS X Mavericks brings 200+ new features to the Mac and two new stock apps: Maps and iBooks. The new Maps app is pretty much the same app that comes as a stock app in iOS and, even if you hate it, the OS X app is pretty nice.

Anyway… here’s a nice ( hidden in some way ) feature of the new Maps app in Mavericks:  while in Satellite View, if you zoom out ( cmd- ) , the app will give you a nice earth view. That’s not the cool part. The cool part is that the app will show you real time day and night view ( with city lights ) as if you are looking at Earth from space.

If things look kinda familiar here, it’s because this hidden feature ( if you can or want to call it that ) looks a lot like Google’s upcoming Maps. The only difference is that Google will also show the stars, the sun and actual weather condition.

Go ahead try it out…