Gestr: Launch Apps/Bookmarks With Multitouch Trackpad Gestures You Define [video]


Gestr allows you to launch applications/bookmarks on your Mac with trackpad gestures you define – a revolution in multitasking which leaves just natural touch between you and your applications – no folders, no keyboard shortcuts, and most importantly, no Dock! With your gestures assigned, all it takes is a four finger tap to make your trackpad your multitasking canvas!

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Gestr takes one of the things we do most while using our computers – launching/switching between applications, and makes it touch gesture based. For the millions of Mac laptop or Magic Trackpad users, it is now possible to assign gestures as the entry point to all your applications – no more mousing over to Dock icons, or enacting special key commands – just drawing what feels natural.

Gestr is available as a free download here