Next Gen iPhone Will Get A Front Facing Camera And LED Flash

Digging through the  list of newly added APIs , we found some interested strings: AVCaptureDevice.flashMode ,AVCaptureDevice.hasFlash, AVCaptureDevice.hasTorch and AVCaptureDevicePositionFront. Judging by the string names and title of this post, you can already tell what this is all about.

First 3 strings are hinting that the next gen iPhone will get a LED flash. Yes, finally we will be able to take pictures after the sun sets. Maybe Apple realized that some of us would like to capture moments of our lives that are happening after 8PM.

Last string, indicates that we will get a front facing camera in the next gen iPhone. We already talked about an Apple IM Chat client patent here, and it seems that Apple already is porting iChat on iDevices. Checking the new iPhone OS with a little app called iStat, we found an interesting process running in the background: iChatAgent.