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Just Got My GelaSkin For iPhone 3G Today

We all feel the need to protect , in some way or another , this beautiful jewel called iPhone right? So far i had a black silicon case from macally which sucks big time. It sucks because a case, any case takes all the sexiness of the device and didnt matter i had my phone in the case and always alone in one pocked ( no keys, ciggs, lighter with it in the pocket ) , the phone got really really dirty on the back. Ohh and the case got bigger for some reason, and the cam was never on the whole. Half of the cam was always covered by the case.

So i decide to order myself a skin. I really dont need a case to protect my phone ( but hey, thats me ) and all i want to protect it from is finger prints and scratches. So , like i said i ordered myself a Justin Bua – 1981 skin from GelaSkins

I place the order, i paid $14.95 including shipping ( dont really know if Canadian dollars or US dollars ) via paypal and normally i had to wait 15 business days for it to arrive. Had a big surprise today when i got the envelope containing the skin in the mail. I ordered it 2 days ago! If you wonder why i am so happy about the 2 days arrival, well… i live in Europe and the skin was sent from Canada. I think there’s 2 or 3 customs on its way here, and our postal service really sucks on international shipping so…. you bet your ass i cant believe that i got it in just 2 days.

The quality of the skins is impeccable and you can remove it with no fear. And apply it again. Trust me i removed it like 4 times and got it back on. I really couldnt get the corners right though and it really bothers me. But everything else is real nice, and i love how my phone looks and feels right now.

By the way: If you dont know who Justin Bua is, let me introduce him to you. Justin Bua is an artist from New York City’s Upper West Side, raised between Manhattan and East Flatbush, Brooklyn. BUA was fascinated by the raw, visceral street life of the city. He attended the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts and complemented his education on the streets by writing graffiti and performing worldwide with breakdancing crews. BUA went on to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California where he earned a B.F.A in Illustration.

If you are fascinated by art, or HipHop culture ( culture , not music. dont care what anybody says: HipHop music DOES NOT exist ) you should really consider buy his book : The Beat Of Urban Art – The Art of Justin Bua . I got it from ebay, from A1Books brand new and much much cheaper that the one on Justin’s site. Be creative, find your way.

Disclaimer: i was not paid by anybody ( Justin Bua, A1Books, Macally, GelaSkins ) for this article. This is based on my opinions, and i felt the need to inform you about this things.