GBA4iOS 2.0 Emulator Released With iPad Support, iOS 7 Controller Support, Dropbox Integration and More…


GBA4iOS updated today its popular Game Boy emulator for iOS to v2.0 with iOS 7 redesign, iPad optimization and support for original, Game Boy Advanced and Game Boy Color games. The update also comes with a built-in browser for download ROMs. Probably the biggest change that this update brings is the way you install the emulator on your iOS device. You don’t need to be jailbroken anymore or set your device’s date to 2012. It makes no sense right? Well before v2.0 was released to install GBA4iOS you needed to either be jailbroken or set your device’s date to 2012. Now you don’t have to jump through all those hoops but v2.0 carries a warning that says the device clock may need to be set back to 2/19/14 if app fails to open.

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Once you install GBA4iOS 2.0 you can play Game Boy Advanced, Game Boy Color, and original Gameboy ROMs on your iPhone and iPad. Prior to v2.0 downloading games for GBA4iOS required users to navigate out of the app for find ROMs, but the new update comes with an in-app browser that can be used to download games from any ROM site. Also, GBA4iOS 2.0 includes support for cheats, accepting five different code formats covering everything from Game Genie to Action Replay.

The GBA4iOS update includes an array of controller skins for Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color games and it supports third party controller skins. It also offers full iOS 7 controller support, Dropbox integration, and “Event Distribution” to allow GBA4iOS unlock and distribute features that are not normally included within games.


While several emulators have snuck into the App Store via shell apps, they are always short-lived as Apple pulls the apps within hours or days of release. GBA4iOS is able to overcome Apple’s restrictions as it is not installed via the App Store. Instead, GBA4iOS can be installed directly on an iOS device from the website, by tapping the download link on an iPad or iPhone.