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Free Movie Streaming and Download for Your iPhone or iTouch

We all know how Murda feels about watching movies on such a small screen, but there are those that enjoy it.
Aims to fill that need for those that enjoy watching movies on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s really new, and the selection has grown over just that last few days. From 2 at launch to 24 at press time. You have the choice of streaming or download. For streaming the quality of the video is going to be lower.

We wouldn’t want the man breathing down our necks for bandwith consumption, so if you are just that impatient or just don’t have the storage space. You have that option. You are going to need a few things before you start though. Be sure you have iMobileCinema, and Safari Download Plugin. STOP ALL THE DOWNLOADING! You will also need dTunes. So if you already have those then you are set. If not you will want to put them on your groceries list.

Bobbypage and iHacking Expert put the app together. It’s got complete instruction within the app. You can even follow the dev’s tweets in app. For those of you that just can’t get enough of that twitter action. As you can see from the screen shots there’s some good variety.

So now run off and get your tiny screen movie viewing fix. Till next time.

iRoc out!