Flickbooks App Turns Your iPhone Videos Into A Flipbook

A young Swiss start-up has created an App that transforms your iPhone into a flipbook printer. Simply record a video and edit your film in a few easy steps directly on your iPhone. Your personal flipbook will then be produced by a professional printing company and sent to you by mail within 14 days. The flipbooks are manufactured on durable paper (200g/m2) with a high quality binding. Each flipbook consists of 50 pages and is about the size of an iPhone.

How to create your personal flipbook:

1. Record a movie with the Flickbooks-App or choose an existing movie from your iPhone library.
2. Select the segments you prefer.
3. Design your front and back cover with colours and text of your choice.
4. When you are ready order and pay for your flipbook by credit card via a secure SSL connection.

Don’t like your flipbook, just shake your iPhone and start all over again.

What’s to know?

  • You’ll need a WiFi network to process your order so that we can send your film to our printers.
  • Your film length must be between 6 and and15 seconds. Shorter or longer sequences can’t be used.
  • To crop your film to the right length place the beginning and end to the positions you want your flipbook to start and finish.
  • Please note that the preview pages are lower in quality than the flipbook itself, but don’t worry, this is due to the transfer of data, your flipbook will print perfectly.
  • You get the best results if the majority of the video clip is on the right side of the page and if the background to the clip isn’t too “busy”.

More on flipbooks:

  • www.bobbooks.co.uk
  • www.flipbookprinter.com
  • www.myflickbooks.com

Flickbooks app is available for free in the app store…

[via iphonography]