HOW TO: Fix ProSwitcher After Beta Update

Im assuming that by now , we all know and love ProSwitcher. You must think that this can’t get no better, but Ryan is constantly working on updates for the gorgeous iPhone multitasking interface. If you are using ProSwitcher from Ryan’s beta repo, you must have seen an update in the last couple of hours. It’s true, Ryan did push an update but he also killed libactivator . That’s why you found out that after update , ProSwitcher is not working anymore.

There is a fast and easy fix for this:

  1. Load Cydia
  2. Remove the beta repo for ProSwitcher
  3. Remove LibActivator
  4. Respring iDevice
  5. Load Cydia
  6. Install LibActivator
  7. Install ProSwitcher from BigBoss Repo

ProSwitcher beta testers should wait for the next beta update.