HOW TO: Find An iPhone App Developer And Materialize Your Idea

There’s no secret that the iPhone app market is hot, and i mean really really hot. Everybody wants to get a piece of the pie, but not everybody knows how to take action, and materialize their ideas. In the last couple of weeks we got quite a few emails from some people telling us they got this app idea, that app idea and of course the other app idea and every single one of them had the same question: how?

I tried to help as much as i can ( and judging by the vid below i was 100% right – yeah, i like to brag from time to time ) and i also asked them to send me another email in 30 days and let me know if they got what it takes or not. Since this seems to be a global issue , i decided to do a little bit of research and write an article about it. During my research i’ve stumbled upon a video created by Nick Campbell from MakeCoolShit . In this video , Nick briefly describes the path(s) you can take in order to materialize your iPhone app idea. And there are two ways you can do that:

  • Find a partner and split the profits
  • Pay someone and keep all the profit

I can’t agree more with Nick , when he talks about designing the app , but i feel that he could’ve go a little bit more in-depth about that. If there is anything you need to know ( besides what Nick will teach you ) is : NEVER EVER EVER let an engineer/coder/what ever you want to call it design your app.