FastTwitter: SBSettings Twitter Updater

Once again , FSMdotCOM‘s community proves itselfs a great one, and i am so greatful and humbled to be part of it. Grey Ham , just sent me an email to let me know about FastTwitter, a great alternative to the “retarded qTweeter”. I will stop here, and let him in control of this article.

So I stumbled upon this new Twitter SBSettings updater. This was new to me, because I hadn’t seen it mentioned elsewhere, but it could very well be old. With this SBSettings plugin that I believe is loosely based on FastNotes, you can update your Twitter from within any app. Its relatively quick, and I haven’t had any issues with it thus far.

How it works:

  • Install FastTwitter from this seemingly random Japanese repo :
  • To configure your Twitter account with FastTwitter, you must use the Notes app (oddly enough). Start a new Note and write in the header “FastTwitter” then your username and password. See pic that I stole from some site…

This is a great alternative to the retarded qTweeter (seeing as how it uses the same gesture as SBSettings, causing both to show up simultaneously).On that note, you can use FastTwitter to update your Facebook status as well if you have enabled the auto-update feature in the Facebook app (