Want a Job iPhone Games Social Media Marketing?

iPhone developer JUFTi has put out a job posting on its website looking for just the right applicant to help promote its forthcoming iPhone beer drinking game, Cornhole All-Stars (we’re guessing that’s not the prison lingo we first assumed it to be).Being as this is an iPhone adaptation of a bar game, JUFTi has put some pretty strict rules on the job requirements.

“The successful applicant must have a passion for the game of Cornhole,” the job posting reads. “The “job” entails hanging around the various bars and front yards of Columbus, having a beer or two (on us), playing old-school Cornhole and our game Cornhole All-Stars.

“You will be sending dispatches of your antics to the “cornhole stream” via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and the Cornhole All-Stars blog.”

The fact that the word ‘job’ is in inverted commas suggests it might not be all that well paid, but being fed beer and iPhone games sounds pretty much like the kind of lifestyle most Pocket Gamer readers will be enjoying when they’re dead and in heaven.

Fancy applying? Write your CV on the back of a beer mat and send it here.