Exclusive iPhone 5 Preview from NMA [video]

Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 on Tuesday, October 4. Want to know what features are in store? Well, you’re in luck, because iPhones are made by a Taiwanese company in China? Next Media Animation snuck behind the manufacturing lines to give you this exclusive preview.

The iPhone 5 will join HTC in offering a 4-inch screen, providing rich graphics that will knock you out. The iPhone 5 will have voice-recognition that promises to be just as good as auto-correct.

If you’re a fan boy, the iPhone 5 will surely make you cream your pants. The iPhone 5 will make you the coolest person in the room. Women will surely sleep with you.

But to buy an iPhone you must camp out over night to be the first in line. Of course, you’ll look like a douche.