HOW TO: Enable Multitasking For Cydia On iOS 4

Even though Cydia doesn’t support true multitasking, with Cydia 1.1 Saurik added a new feature that allows you to resume where you last left off. The next best thing right? But, today we’re going to show you how to enable true multitasking for Cydia.


  • this can cause conflicts. If something goes wrong you can end up restoring your device. Use at your own risk

How to:

1. Load Cydia and download iFile

2. Load iFile and browse to /Applications/

3. Locate info.plist

4. Tap on it and choose ‘Text Viewer’

5. Scroll all the way down and locate the following lines:

<key> UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend </ key>


6. Now tap on edit and change <true/> to <false/>

7. Save the file, quit iFile and restart your device

[thx Valentino, via iSpazio]