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Bashtop: An Htop Alternative Written in Bash


RECOMMENDED if you’re already using Bashtop, it’s recommended to migrate to BpyTop. If this is the first time you see this article, move to BpyTop.

Here’s a quick post about a cool Linux program ( macOS support coming soon ) called bashtop. It’s a resource monitor that shows usage and stats for processor, memory, disks, network and processes, an alternative to Htop, that’s writte in bash.

The great thing about bashtop being written in bash is that it comes with no real dependencies for running the program and it’s very easy to install. If you’re on Arch and derivates you can install it from the community repo or AUR. If you’re on Debian/Ubuntu and derivates there’s a .deb you can use. Or you can clone repository and just install it that way.


  • Fast and responsive UI with UP, DOWN keys process selection.
  • Function for showing detailed stats for selected process.
  • Ability to filter processes.
  • Easy switching between sorting options.
  • Send SIGTERM, SIGKILL, SIGINT to selected process.
  • UI menu for changing all config file options.
  • Auto scaling graph for network usage.
  • Shows message in menu if new version is available
  • Themes

For more info check out the project page on Github.