DynamicText Allows Your To Dynamically Change The ‘Slide to Unlock’ Text



DynamicText is a new Cydia tweak that has one goal – to be able to let you ( eventually ) have custom triggers for a complete customization. It works with iOS 7 and iOS 7.1 but it does not support arm64 devices yet. The tweak is configurable via Settings.app but the initial release will only allow you to change the ‘Slide to Unlock’ text.

As you can see in the screenshot above, in the tweak’s dedicate menu in Settings.app you can type in your name, and change the default ‘Slide to Unlock’ text with a dynamic text. I typed in ‘FSMdotCOM’ and now, based on my time zone, ‘Slide to Unlock’ has been replaced with “Morning, FSMdotCOM!”. Pretty cool tweak, and I hope to see it updated soon with more options and arm64 support.

DynamicText is available for free on Cydia via BigBoss repo…