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Check Out What’s New In iOS 7.1 Beta 4

ios-7-logoApple pushed iOS 7.1 beta 4 to developers and in this post we’re going to take a look at what’s changed in the new release. Jump over the break to check out a few UI enhancements Apple brings to the table with iOS 7.1 beta 4

Contacts in Dialer: The option to add a contact when entering a phone number has been altered slightly and is now executed by tapping the + sign next to the phone number. Previously, there was a line that said “Add to Contacts.”

Old version on left, iOS 7.1 beta 4 on right
Old version on left, iOS 7.1 beta 4 on right

Messages Scrolling: When scrolling through the Messages app in beta 4, it seems there is slightly more “bounce.” This is in line with previous changes to Control Center, which introduced a bounce animation.

Siri: In the U.K., there is a new Siri voice on the iPad.

Slide to Unlock/Power Off: Most notably, the Slide to Unlock bar at the bottom of the phone is now more prominent, with a brighter, slower animation. The same brighter animation can be seen in the Slide to Power off bar when turning off the phone.