Dropcam: The First Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera Designed For Your Home [video]

Dropcam is an amazingly simple Wi-Fi video cam that lets you keep tabs on your home, business, or family from literally anywhere. You can watch your camera(s) live in your web browser or in the Dropcam app for iPhone or Android.

Dropcam, which uses your Wi-Fi network to stream the video, has just the right amount of features without weighing you down with learning a bunch of useless settings — 720p HD video recording, automatic night vision, and support for multiple cameras. One of the best features is the ability to yell at your kids or pets with the two-way audio.

If you want to record your camera footage, the company offers secure cloud storage for your DVR’d video ($10 for 7 days of recordings; $30 for 30 days). You can even make your Dropcam viewable to the public, and follow other public Dropcams.

Dropcam is available for $149 at the official website…